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June Crown

Friday June 21st, 2019 to Sunday June 23rd, 2019
Palmer, Alaska

Celebrate Crown in the Land of the Midnight Demi Sun!

Travel:  June Crown Travel Assistance Form

With the gracious permission of Their Majesties, and the support of the West Kingdom officers, Oertha has been approved to host June Crown 2019. This is an introduction about what to expect. More details will be forthcoming, both online and in future newsletters.

What are the dates? June 21-23, 2019. It will be Summer Solstice weekend! This means you’ll be here on the longest days of the year – the sun will set for roughly five hours in this part of the state, and it won’t get fully dark at night. We’ll do “torchlight” tourneys that won’t need torches. It’s truly something great to experience!

Where is the site? The Alaska State Fairgrounds, in Palmer, Alaska. This is about a 45-minute drive from Anchorage. The site is large and flat, and discretely wet.

How to get there? The closest airport is Anchorage International (Ted Stevens) Airport. Start looking for airfare this fall! Several airlines fly to Alaska only during the summer, but the best deals are booked far in advance. You can use tricks like the Alaska Airlines companion fare if you have an Alaska Air VISA card, or use air mile bookings. Book early, though, because summer is the prime tourist season and prices go up as the summer season approaches. Book early if you want to rent a car or an RV, too! The event site is RV-friendly, though there aren’t electric hookups. We will be helping coordinate some shuttles from the airport to the site, though, so a rental car may not be required for just the weekend.

What should you bring? A smile and a sense of adventure! If you have portable camping gear, bring it. If you have your own favorite backpack- ing sleeping bag, for example, it wouldn’t hurt to bring it. We also plan to have a large tent set up for use as a barracks pavilion. Information on this option will be available once more details are determined. Also, bring some money! We plan to have local food merchants who can help feed you, and our local groups are likely to host fundraiser meals. There are also restaurants and grocery stores not that far from site. Local merchants will be set up to sell SCA wares, too. If you’re a merchant from outside Alaska, please contact the autocrat team. We’d love to have you, and have information to share with you. Bring layers of garb. Summers in this area average about 65-75 degrees Farenheit in the daytime, and cool off to the 50s at night. And the site can be a bit cool when the winds come down off the glacier but that breeze also keeps the mosquitos at bay! Plan accordingly!

What will it cost? Adult gate fee will be the Kingdom standard member discount registration fee of $20, and youths under 17 free, no family cap.

June Crown will be using Epay.  Please use this link to access:

Questions? Contact the autocrat team, Caitriona and Clare Elena at

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