Shire of Ravenshore

Welcome to the Shire of Ravenshore Web page!


In case you're new here, or stumbled upon this page like a trashcan in a dark alley, here's a little information about us. We are part of The Society for Creative Anachronism (or SCA). The SCA is an international organization dedicated the study and recreation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, combat, and culture.  The SCA is comprised of what we call the "Known World", which consists of 20 unique Kingdoms stretching to countries around the world. In our case, Ravenshore falls within the Great Kingdom of the West, within the Northern Marches, and is made up of Lake and Mendocino Counties.

Want more information about the SCA? Check out the Welcome page. Piqued your interest? Check out the Kingdom of the West website for information regarding all the goings on in the West Kingdom as a whole. Or just join us on our Shire Facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest events and chatter.





Our next Shire business meeting will be held on March 13th at 6:00pm using Google Hangouts. Refer to the Shire of Ravenshore facebook page for connection information.

For information on meeting minutes, you can find all archived minutes HERE.

  • Heavy Fighter Practice takes place the 1st, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of each month. Periodically, we are stricken with great motivation, and will host additional practices on Saturdays. All practices will be listed on our Calendar.
  • Arts and Science meetings don't have set dates as of right now, though we will annoucnce them here, on our Facebook page, and the Calendar, so keep an eye out for those.





If you are like the rest of us, you are probably dying to get as much of the Shire of Ravenshore as you possibly can. To help feed that addiction, we create a quarterly newsletter called The Scramaseax! While it's likely to cut to the heart of its readers, it's also well known to publish terrible jokes, mediocre recipes, pictures of handsome devils and devilesses, and incendiary gossip about the goings on in this Shire we all love.


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